The Freezing Cold Snowman

Two brothers build a snowman in the garden. At night the snowman comes Tap! Tap! Tapping! the window looking for warmth. Find out how the brothers react to the amazing experience.

A warm, exciting adventure for young children with friendship running throughout.

Interactive with children who can search for the hidden snowman in each picture.


2nd book by the author and a fantastic read for me and Karen and our 4 year old Grandson who loved the 1st book, fantastic illustrations and great rhyme at the end. Will be a great bedtime read for him with winter and Xmas on it's way. Highly recommended again, a quality product for the age range. 10 / 10.
John W
This book was perfect for my grandaughter who liked it as much as Jerzy Jones first offering - Corbus saves his friends. Beautifully written with superb illustrations. A joy to read with my grandaughter.
Mr Ffffff

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