Jerzy Jones

Readers of All Ages,

I’m retired and live in South Wales, UK, born of a Welsh mother and Polish father. I’ve been writing for over thirty years and have written quite a lot of stories and books, some for my children when they were young. I now dedicate my books to my grandson, great nieces and great nephews.

My aim is always to write exciting, adventurous stories for children which will linger in their minds long after they read the books. Perhaps making them want to read them over and over, hopefully firing their own imaginations. If I can get a bit of humour into the stories, that’s great too.

There’s a theme to a lot of my books where the main character solves their own problem or joins forces with other characters to resolve problems.

Overall I want children to read my books to help overcome illiteracy, so on certain literary occasions in the year I may donate books to children, schools or hospitals, etc.